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Contact Info

805 494-3385
Toni Williams
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Brad Williams
Head Chef and C.E.O
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James Williams
Sales Manager
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Lidia Fernandez
Plant Supervisor
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Corporate Office:
749 Lakefield Rd. Unit H
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Welcome To Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen

In 1911, Florence Williams (Flossie) was making lunches for Anthracite Coal miners who worked the shafts and tunnels of the Anthracite Coal mines that honeycombed the entire length and breadth of the Wyoming Valley area of Pennsylvania.

In 2011 Toni Williams, of Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen, makes hundreds of food items consumed by thousands of Southern Californians everyday.

For over 100 years the Williams family has carried on the tradition of making fine foods.

Many things have changed over the years and many things have not. Making great foods has the same requirements today as it did 100 years ago.

  • Great Ingredients are the foundation
  • Mix in careful attention to detail
  • Add a generous dose of sincere love of the craft itself
  • Do it the same way every time and you wind up with a consistently fine product
At Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen, we have been following that formula for over 30 years in Southern California.

A little over Thirty years ago Toni Williams decided that she wanted to start a business of her own. Her husband , Brad, was busy with his own business and the kids were growing up and she felt the need to expand her personal horizons. Maybe that was too grand an explanation. She had done her work. She was a great Mom , a super wife - but she had put years into it. She gave up her career as a big band singer to raise her family and now it was her time and damn it she wanted to do something. When she approached Brad he was supportive and asked her what she wanted to do. She wasn't sure but she had thought about  Hmmm - maybe a Boutique --- possibly a jewelry store --- all of a sudden -- Brad -- wasn't so supportive. He pointed out that going into business was most successful when you did something -- you really knew how to do. "Bummer" thought Toni. "OK what do you suggest ?", she asked her husband.

"Well", Brad replied, "You are one of the best cooks I know. Maybe you could make some of your recipes and find customers for really good homemade style products.
"Like what.", Toni asked.

Brad thought for a moment. "What about your rice pudding? Nobody makes really good rice pudding and yours is the best." With that a light went on for Toni. One of her best friends was doing just what Brad had suggested and was doing really good with her business. 
The next day Toni made some of her rice pudding. She called her friend, Evelyn, and asked if she could come and talk with her the next day. The two friends got together and Toni asked Evelyn to sample her rice pudding and tell her what she honestly thought about the idea.

Evelyn tasted the rice pudding and encouraged Toni to Go For IT. Not only did she encourage her, but for the next 8 years Toni would go to Evelyns place of business and make her rice pudding one evening a week. Yes..... Not only did Toni's friend, Evelyn, encourage her, she let her use her equipment and facilities to get her business going. I think you will agree -- that is truly a friend.

 Toni was content with her little business, while Evelyn along with her husband, daughter and son, worked at their growing business which most of you have probably visited - it's called The Cheesecake Factory. 

Evelyn Overton is as much a part of the Success of Mrs. Williams Country Kitchen Inc., as the careful attention to product quality and detail that she schooled Toni on from the very beginning.
Golden Circle
If you are already a friend of Mrs Williams or the Mrs Williams family and would like to become a Golden Circle member please register below and register. Golden Circle members will be part of the sampling program and will receive special discounts throughout the year.

On limited production items Golden Circle members will receive advance notice. .

We are anxious to reward our Customer loyalty and will extend these rewards thru the Golden Circle program.

After the Website is established, Golden Circle Members will be by invitation only.

We are excited about extending our products and services on a more personal level thru our Web-Site.

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It goes without saying that all of our customer relationships have always been very personal - and we DO NOT share our customer information with anyone.

Thanks for visiting

Brad Williams